About us

Regeneration Pilates practitioners are
recognised Health Care Providers

We practice the benefits of Pilates exercise methods for general fitness, certain health conditions and for your overall well-being.

Regeneration Pilates founder, Elli Foster trained intensively for two years with The Pilates Foundation in the UK to achieve a matwork and apparatus accreditation. Due to the quality and standards maintained by The Pilates Foundation, all their qualified teachers are recognised by the National Health Service as health care providers.

Her specialisation is post operative injury and rehabilitation. In 2011 she trained with Doreen Puglisi, M.S., (USA), founder of the Pink Ribbon Program, to become one of the UK’s first Pink Ribbon Instructors working specifically with post operative breast cancer patients. She has also trained with the Wright Foundation and so is accredited to receive G.P referrals from the N.H.S.


Diane Zetterström was introduced to Pilates, whilst a dance student in 1987 and studied with Alan Herdman. She continued on to become a professional dancer, performing both in the West End ,London and also in Vienna for many years, dancing both in ballet companies and musicals. She also taught ballet and jazz dance at one of Vienna’s prestigious Performing Arts Academies and  throughout she continued to use Pilates to prevent and sometimes recover from dance related injuries.

In 2001 she returned to London to train for two years as a Pilates instructor at Pilates off the Square, studying under Dominique Jansen, James de Silva, Anoushka Boone and Alison Swann. Whilst training, Diane taught Dance on the Actors’ course at Arts Educational.  She went on to teach Pilates in London working with a wide variety of clients, both in Pilates studios and with private clients. She has been a fully qualified member of the Pilates Foundation since 2002 as well as a member of REPS.

Diane has a keen interest in helping her clients gain more awareness and understanding about their own unique bodies in order to facilitate more freedom of movement and true core strength, thus improving those with skeletal and/or muscular problems as well as clients who are keen to maintain their bodies at maximum mobility and fitness. She keeps her knowledge up to date by attending workshops and training days with Pilates foundation.

Recently Diane has become an accredited Zumba Teacher which she enjoys immensely as it gets her back to her original dance roots!