Pre and Post Natal Classes

Bounce Back to Fitness

At this special time in your life you want to ensure that the exercise routine you take is safe for you and your baby.

As a member of The Guild of Pregnancy and Post Natal Instructors, Elli Foster will guide you safely through pilates based exercises that will ensure optimum strength and flexibility at a time when your body needs it most. Classes are taken in small groups in the studio and use a number of different accessories; Swiss  balls, overballs, therabands and magic circles to get the most out of each session. Its a fun and inclusive way to keep your body in shape during pregnancy, to meet other mums and to get your body back into shape once you have given birth.

Pre Natal Classes

The joints and muscles undergo several changes in the months leading up to as well as after the birth of your baby.

These 60 minute sessions will focus on strengthening the spine, pelvic floor, shoulder girdle and leg muscles whilst allowing you to retain the best possible posture. Working with a national standards and recommendations/guidelines trained teacher the pre natal classes can be taken as either one to one sessions or within the group matwork classes.

Post Natal Classes

Just as your baby is learning the joys of life it is probably time to find a little time for yourself.

Our 60 minute classes focus on strengthening, lengthening and toning the muscle structure of the entire body with emphasis on regaining abdominal strength and control of the pelvic floor area. We will also focus on shoulder and postural issues that can arise from breastfeeding positions so that you feel stronger and more flexible when you pick up your little one after a long day. These classes can be taken as one to one classes or you can join a group matwork class.

For Ante Natal clients it is recommended that you do not start a new exercise regime until you are 12 weeks pregnant and have been cleared by your doctor or midwife to do so. For Post Natal clients it is recommended that you re start your exercise routine once you have been cleared by your midwife to do so.